The Dolphin features a unique and diverse catering division. We are small, very creative and personal. We cater as an extension of the restaurant because it gives us the opportunity to be more inventive and – let’s face it – it is fun! You are celebrating an important lifetime milestone, and we are thrilled and honored to be a part of your event.

Owning a restaurant allows us to offer a superior catering service because we are able to offer a wider variety of products at a better price than traditional caterers. We pride ourselves on being very attentive to our clients: we do not cater more then one event on any given day. We are there solely for you!

I am available for any questions you have leading up to the event any time – I mean any time! We take the time to learn about you and your specific needs and are able to take the stress off of you. You have enough to worry about; having the perfect food for your perfect occasion is the last thing you need to stress about. Enjoy your party… stress free!

We have been catering for over twenty-five years so we can handle as much of the event as you see fit. We can pick up, drop-off and set-up, or offer comprehensive, full-service catering by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. We can offer suggestions, advise, and coordinate the rental companies, flowers, bakers and (off premise) locations. We can also advise you on the best vendors and offer the best prices, too! All to make your event as stress-free, extraordinary, fun and unique as possible.

My staff as I like to describe them are…”a great melting pot of humanity!” They have been for the most part with me for years. They are a professional group of dedicated employees who will handle your guests with care, consideration, and respect.

* Chefs are paid a rate of $25.00 per hour
* Servers/Bartenders are paid a rate of $16.00 per hour

The gratuity is an additional 20%.

We look forward to serving you. Let the fun begin!


Nancy J. Smith and Staff


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