The Dolphin has a diverse and unique catering division.
It is small, very creative and personal. We cater as an extension of the
restaurant because it gives us the opportunity to be more inventive and
lets face it, it is fun! We enjoy being a part of your event because it is usual
a celebration of a life point. We would not cater without the outlet of
owning a restaurant because we are able to offer a wider variety of
product at a better price. We also pride ourselves on being very attentive
to our clients because we do not cater more than one event a day
so we are able to be there solely for you. Also, I am available for any
questions you have leading up to the event anytime. I mean anytime! In
doing so we usually get to know each other fairly well and am able to
handle some of your decision making for you. Consequently you can
enjoy your party stress free. We have been catering for over 25 years so
we can handle as much of the event as you feel fit. For example we can
do a pick up, drop off and set up or be a full service caterer. We can
offer suggestions, and or advice, coordinate the rental companies,
flowers, bakers, locations (off premise) etc. Finally since we have been
doing the catering for so long we will advise you on the best vendors
we have dealt with, and the best prices too! All to make your even as
stress free, extraordinary, fun and unique as possible.

Let the “fun begin”
Nancy J Smith and staff


Click here to download our catering menu.